List of Austin Improv Shows

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Here is a list of shows that have run or are running in Austin, organized by producer.

ColdTowne Theater

Ongoing Shows

Mainstage Productions

In this context, "Mainstage Productions" means weekly themed shows with one- or two-month runs.

Sketch Shows

Improv Shows

Themed Troupe Shows

Often at ColdTowne, a troupe will do a themed mainstage run. Typically, these shows are listed with the troupe page.

  • Precious Dads have presented "Dads in Bars" in January 2013 and "Home for the Holidays" in November 2013, and will present "The Barmando" in March 2014.
  • Nice Astronaut has presented "Last Call", "It's a Tolerable Existence!", "28 Minutes Later", "Townesville", and "Back in Townesville".
  • Stag Comedy has presented "Stab Comedy".
  • Wink Planet will present "Pilgrims Are From Mars" in November 2014.


Gnap! Theater Projects

Ongoing Shows

Mainstage Productions

The Hideout Theatre

The Hideout Theatre puts on regular shows that run weekly or monthly for long periods, and mainstage shows, which are weekly with one- or two-month runs. For information about the mainstages, see the List of Hideout Mainstage Shows in Chronological Order.

Ongoing Shows

The Institution Theater

Ongoing Shows

Mainstage Productions

The New Movement Theater

Lucky Chaos Theatre Projects