Madi Goff

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Madi Goff

Madi Goff Pic.jpg

Primary Theater Salvage Vanguard Theater
Years Active 2008-2011

Madi Goff is an actress and improv performer.


Madi started improvising in 2008 with ComedySportz. Shortly afterwards, she started taking classes with Shana Merlin at The Hideout Theatre.

Over the next few years, Madi performed in longform shows with Gnap! Theater Projects.

In 2011, she moved away to Los Angeles. Since then, she's performed with Impro's Studio Company in Improvised Tennessee Williams and Improvised Jane Austen. Madi is proud to be a member of Impro Theatre's Performance Lab and currently in the cast of Hope Falls, an improvised soap opera. Also, she's performed with iO West's improvised take on Doctor Who.