Monks' Night Out

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Monks' Night Out (often misspelled Monk's Night Out) was one of the best-known troupes in Austin in the 1990s. It focused on short-form games, as well as sketch and musical comedy.

A ticket to a Monks' Night Out show.
A ticket to a Monks' Night Out show.


The troupe first splintered off from ComedySportz in 1994, with the following cast:

In 1996, Monks' Night Out was voted "Austin's Best Theater Company" in the Austin Chronicle.

The troupe was at one point scrutinized by the producers of the American adaptation of Whose Line Is It, Anyway?.

They performed at the Just for Laughs Comedy Fest in Montreal and at the HBO workspace in L. A., and were important figures in the Big Stinkin' Improv Festival.

The troupe had several musical directors: first Ben Prince, then Tim Girardot, and then Paul Finley.

Sarah Pattison Cavazos and, later, Mervyn Burnett served as the troupe's lighting directors.


A Monks' Night Out t-shirt.
A Monks' Night Out t-shirt.


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