The Halls of Power

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The Halls of Power

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Years Active 2007-2008

The Halls of Power was an improv troupe.


In each show, the troupe would explore an institution and the people who controlled it. The format had the cast taking an elevator to different floors of a business to see different aspects of a company.


Drew's original pitch:

The format is called 'The Halls of Power' and I think I've pitched it to everyone. The idea is that we will get a suggestion of an institution (breakfast cereal, the IRS, whatever) and build a story about the people at the top of that organization. Think Aaron Sorkin shows or Dallas. I've always been interested by people with lots of power and how they use it and deal with their peers and 'subjects'. I think it'll be really fun to play that. I don't have anything else as far as structure, so if you're wanting to try something new, feel free to pitch ideas in!


The troupe played Cagematches on 12/13/07 and 1/12/08.

The bit of typing at a typewriter and muttering "business business business" originated with Tami Nelson in one of this troupe's shows.