Camp Madeupponaspotta

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Camp Madeupponaspotta was the April 2014 student mainstage production at The Hideout Theatre.


Camp Madeupponaspotta featured improvised coming-of-age stories about the lives of teens & camp counselors at a fictional summer camp. The characters and details were different every show. The show focused on positivity, ensemble, and creating endearing moments as well as hilarious ones.

At the top of the show, they would ask the audience for real summer camp experiences, using follow-up questions like "What kind of summer camp was it?" , "How old were you?", or "What was the camp called?" to elicit more details.

The first half of the show ran 25 minutes, and was followed by an intermission. After intermission, the cast would improvise a song about the show so far, and then perform the 25-minute second half. (Often, they'd end the show with a reprise of the song.)


The show returned for the Saturday 7pm hour of The 45-Hour Improv Marathon, and for a Free Fringe show called "Bankruptcy Camp".

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