ColdTowne (troupe)

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ColdTowne (troupe)


Years Active 2005-2010

ColdTowne is an improv troupe founded in New Orleans. Its members founded ColdTowne Theater in 2006.


The original 9 members of the troupe ColdTowne were in 2 different student troupes at La Nuit Comedy Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana. They preferred playing with each other and left their two respected troupes and formed a new troupe called "ColdTowne Heroes". ColdTowne Heroes later shortened its name to ColdTowne. The members of the troupe had ambitions to open their own theater and began performing shortform at a local bar regularly in order to earn enough money to open their own theater. While saving up the money, Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and all the troupe members evacuated New Orleans, scattering to different cities for several months.

Several members arrived in Austin, Texas around the time of Out of Bounds 2005. The Frank Mills gave their festival slot to ColdTowne, which was the first time ColdTowne played in Austin.

ColdTowne is currently composed of only 2 of the 9 original members: Michael Jastroch and Arthur Simone, and is mostly inactive except for special occasions such as the 5 Families opening for The Institution Theater.