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SNAFU Improv


Years Active 2014-Present
  • Yearly Rotating Cast

SNAFU Improv is UT Austin's ONLY long-form improv troupe. They perform biweekly shows for free on the UT Austin campus on Fridays at 8 PM. They can also be seen performing at venues throughout the Austin area.


Press Blurb

As the brainchild of founder Tanner Kalina, SNAFU Improv stormed onto the University of Texas at Austin improv scene during the Fall of 2013. At the time, there was only one improv troupe on campus that performed solely short-form improv. Tanner, with a wish to broaden his comedic experience while at the same time introducing UT to a different style of improv, sought the help of Ally Huston. Together, they held auditions and recruited 8 more people to join them in creating the original cast of SNAFU. With their original performances being every Monday night on the UT campus, the cast of ten players successfully broke into the UT Austin improv scene. The troupe also performed at venues throughout Austin, including The Hideout Theatre, The Institution Theater, and ColdTowne Theater, allowing for them to be known in the Austin Improv Community. Currently, SNAFU boasts a cast of nine players, four of which were a part of the founding improv troupe. You can find them performing every other Friday for free on the UT campus, or at venues and festivals throughout Austin.

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