Taxicab Impressions

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Taxi Cab Impressions

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Years Active 2013-Present
Directed by Brent Unger

Taxi Cab Impressions is a predominantly short-form Armando-style troupe with a rotating cast pool.


The director and resident cab driver, Brent Unger, shares his experiences as a taxi driver and audience members share their own experiences in taxis and those stories are used as inspiration for improvised scenes. The troupe was formed in February 2013 after a very successful first show at The Hideout Theatre's Free Fringe.

Current cast members are Ryan Hill, Heidi Rogers, Paul Normandin, Andreas Fabis, Luke Wallens, Dana Yanoshak, Kathy Rose Center, Chuy Zarate, Jessica Arjet, Brad Hawkins, Chris Allen and Mike Nystul.