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WaffleFest is a festival devoted to local improv acts.

The WaffleFest logo.
The WaffleFest logo; a variation on the Hideout logo.
A promotional image for WaffleFest 2012.
A promotional image for WaffleFest 2012.


WaffleFest is a three-day festival that takes place the second weekend of November at The Hideout Theatre. It includes local acts from all the improv theaters in town, as well as an all-star Maestro.

WaffleFest also offers festival-goers all the free waffles they can eat, with a variety of toppings. Thus their tagline, "all the waffles and improv comedy you can eat".


The first WaffleFest was organized by Sean Hill, and it was just a two-day event, occurring on 11/8 and 11/9/02.

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