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* [http://www.austinandaustin.us/ The duo's website.]
* [http://www.austinandaustin.us/ The duo's website.]
* [https://www.facebook.com/austinandaustinimprov The duo's facebook page.]
* [https://www.facebook.com/austinandaustinimprov The duo's facebook page.]
* Show Count: 35 (as of 11/15/2016)
* Show Count: 36 (as of 01/05/2017)


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Years Active 2014-

Austin/Austin (said Austin and Austin) is a duo of friends Ryan Austin and Quinn Buckner with the conscious goal of creating a long term troupe capable of doing regular shows and attending festivals. The duo was conceptualized in early 2014 (earliest email they can find is from 1/16/14) when after many months of throwing around the name "Austin and Austin" they had their first rehearsal and confirmed wanting to start a duo. The name Austin/Austin comes from Quinn Buckner's first name (Austin) and Ryan Austin's last name.


Current Formats

Don't Worry About it

Basic montage with the stipulation that each scene end with the phrase "Don't Worry About It" as organically as possible. Its the goal that the audience (and maybe even players) become so engaged in the scene that they forget the phrase is coming.

Dungeon Masters

Loose proximity based scenes set in a primarily medieval fantasy world. After an pulling inspiration from 1 of 3 Dungeons and Dragons books (Gear, Monsters and NPCs), an initial scene serves as the base scene in which all the other scenes take places around or during either directly or indirectly. E.g an explosion in one scene may happen in another scene but far away.

Ships & Shantys

A nautical narrative opening with an actual maritime chanty before pulling an in character suggestion from the "crew" (audience) on what to tell a sailor tale about. The sailors pitch a several possible stories to tell and the audience votes on which narrative to see. Narration and scene painting weave in and out of the story as needed.

Other Formats

Two Lost Brothers

More grounded narrative in which Ryan and Quinn play two brothers that become lost in a place decided at the top of the show. Potentially a mono-scene depending on if the brothers are forced to split up. To grab the suggestion they inverse the classic "audience yells out something and the troupe picks something they like" standard for Ryan rambling off locations that they haven't been to yet and the audience picking what they like.




Press/Audition Blurbs

  • Who Are We? Long Version

Austin/Austin is the joining of two friends whose goal is to try everything and become the best they can be while having as much fun as possible. Ryan Austin is the group’s incorrigible flirt, providing grounded scene work and an unstoppable positive energy. Quinn Buckner rocks the strong silent vibe, bringing to the table an eye for support, an abundance of physicality, and a penchant for fun. Ryan and Quinn have separately and together played festivals from Out of Bounds in Austin, TX to Improvaganza in Honolulu and Edmonton as well as Düofest in Philadelphia. They play all around their home town of Austin, Texas and in addition to being in multiple main stage shows, they are also both teachers and faculty at the Hideout Theatre. They come together to form scenes ranging from fun fantasy romps to touching real world moments, often allowing the audience a joyful peak behind the curtain between scenes.

  • "Dungeon Masters"

"What happened to the stray arrow loose from the archer? Who got startled because of the explosion across the kingdom? When exactly did the goblins turn evil forever? Taking a suggestion from 1 of 3 D&D books, Austin/Austin fleshes out a fantasy world before your eyes. People, creatures, gods, and demons, even in a huge fantasy world things are a little more connected than you think..."

  • "Ships & Shanties"

Lo! What dangers lie beyond that dark and stormy sea? Just listen, sailor! Hear the songs of Sirens and the growl of whale bellies echo. Look! See the lightning splinter against a lone ship and cast the silhouette of tentacles. What fantastic and grim tales lie in the rigging of danger? What cataclysm calls you forth from the crows nest of open water? Find out with Austin/Austin in Ships and Shanties!

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