Empty Promises

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Empty Promises is Austin's longest running gag


"Austin's Harold Team"

Empty Promises is a ColdTowne harold team and multilevel marketing scheme. Empty Promises hosted "Comedy" Fridays at 11:30 PM at ColdTowne Theater from November 2015-July 2016.

"Festival Appearances"

2015 New Orleans Arts and Comedy Fest

2015 Phoenix Improv Festival

2015 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

2015 Houston Trill Comedy Fest

2016 Dallas Comedy Festival

2016 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

2016 Denver Improv Festival

2017 Del Close Marathon

2017 DC Improv Fest

2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

2017 GhostFest Phoenix


Empty Promises have named menu items at Tyson's Tacos and the Grand.