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Firth & Arjet

Firth & Arjet Pic.jpg

Years Active 2007-2012

Firth & Arjet (frequently written with no spaces: Firth&Arjet) was an improv duo.


They duo started in January 2007, winning a series of Cagematch competition shows with a signature half-scripted format. Later, they started working with Asaf Ronen as their director and coach, and worked on character-focused formats.

Firth and Arjet headlined The Free Fringe from its premiere on 1/5/12 until their last performance, on 8/9/12.

The troupe went on hiatus in 2012, when Kristin moved to Philadelphia.


The Firth & Arjet logo.
The Firth & Arjet logo.


Based on an audience suggestion, Jessica and Kristin create unique characters with two simultaneous monologues. Throughout the rest of the show they alternate scenes and monologues to explore the characters and reveal their relationships. The show is theatrical in style and remains truthful even when culminating in absurd situations. Silly and sublime, ethereal and grounded, real and outlandish.

Always a Bridesmaid

A wedding is the happiest day of a woman's life. And the most stressful. It can be regretful, exhilarating, and/or traumatic. Firth&Arjet present Always a Bridesmaid.... One gets to be a bride, the other remains just a bridesmaid. These two women bring the audience into the scene, chatting and flirting and swapping secrets with their reception guests, as they discuss life, weddings, guys, and anything else that comes to mind -- 100 percent made up on the spot. Wedded bliss or a wedded mess? With the audience's help, the answer unfolds.


It can be tough growing up as a girl who prefers trucks over dolls, getting dirty over being pretty, and adventure over politeness. It's a lot easier with a friend who likes that stuff just as much as you. They might get into trouble but that won't stop them, even as they get older.

Once Upon A Time

Jessica and Kristin create a brand new fantasy story each week, using fairy tale elements provided by the audience before the show. Princesses, dragons, castles, swamps, magic lamps, poisonous apples - you help guide what gets added to the tale. Will the heroes have a happily ever after or a grim demise? An audience vote before the ending will decide.





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