1813 Drake

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1813 Drake

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Years Active 2006-2010

1813 Drake was an improv duo (with one cast change).


In 2006 roommates Andy Crouch and Jay Bernardo decided to start performing as a duo under the name 1813 Drake, their then address in South Austin. Their usual format was a two-man Living Room in which they checked in with each other, discussing honestly whatever came to mind and then playing scenes inspired by the conversations. When Jay moved to Taiwan in 2007, Asaf Ronen was moving to Austin from New York City and ended up joining Andy at 1813 Drake as his new roommate and in 1813 Drake as his new troupe mate. 1813 Drake ceased to be when Andy moved in with his girlfriend. Asaf kept the apartment and was joined by Tom Booker (with whom he already had a duo called Baxter and Bernard.


They performed regularly in shows at the Hideout Theatre and occasionally ColdTowne.