Blue Balls

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Blue Balls

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Years Active 2006

Blue Balls was a one-off Cagematch team.


The show started with a set of six "hindrances" in a hat: donuts, alcohol, running shoes, cough syrup, an Ambien, and one other option. Each performer then picked out two of the hindrances, ingested them (or smoked them, or, in the case of the running shoes, ran in them), and, thus hindered, started the show.

Rachel wound up drinking a glass of vodka followed by a shot of cough syrup. Dave had to run to the Capitol building and back. Andy ate a half-dozen donuts and took an Ambien.

(By the end of the show, Andy sat center stage and was unable to move -- which made things fun and interesting during scene edits.)

A framed picture of the performance hangs on the wall of the upstairs Hideout bathroom.


The troupe played a Cagematch on 2/3/06.