Dear Frailty

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Dear Frailty

Dear Frailty.jpg

Theater ColdTowne Theater
Directed by Tim
Cast Arthur Simone
Run 2009

Dear Frailty is a one-man show created by and starring Arthur Simone. Simone went on to win Best Actor/Actress 2009 in the Austin Chronicle shortly after Dear Frailty's run ended.


Arthur Simone conceived Dear Frailty in the summer of 2009 and based it on new character monologues and some from a previous one man show of his in New Orleans. Arthur hired Tim as Director, and used Josh Gill as tech.


Simone had concepts of several new characters he wanted to use in the show and used Tim to interview those characters for up to 45 minutes at a time. Tim took notes during the extended character interviews, then gave the notes to Simone who wrote the script for the show.


  • ColdTowne Theater run July-August 2009
  • Hyde Park Theater 3 night run 2010; produced by Wayne Alan Brenner
  • Austin Sketch Fest 2010