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Har-D-Har Improv

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Years Active 2016-Present
Cast Semester to Yearly Rotating Cast

Har-D-Har Improv is a short-form improv comedy troupe and is the largest troupe at the University of Texas at Austin.


The troupe specializes in short-form improv comedy with an emphasis on adult content and material. As the newest troupe at UT Austin, they are still establishing themselves in the Austin improv scene, but have accumulated moderate success in the short time they have been active. Their free shows are on campus every other Thursday. They roll.


Har-D-Har Improv was founded by freshman Dan Voinis and his friends Matthew Freeman and Daniel Frasson Nori in November of 2016. Voinis was an alum of ComedySportz High School League in Houston, and taught Freeman and Nori the essentials of improv before forming the troupe officially. The troupe's name was inspired by Voinis' high school coach and mentor, Kelly "Hardy Har" Harkins, of ComedySportz Houston and Baby Knuckle.

Har-D-Har's first show was in May of 2017, with the Fall of 2017 starting their biweekly schedule. The troupe continued to grow for the next year, and in the Fall of 2018, the troupe more than doubled in size, becoming the largest troupe at UT Austin.

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