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Guide to the AIC Wiki

What is it?
This site is like Wikipedia, only it's devoted to Austin improv. It's here to accumulate useful information about shows, troupes, performers, and anything else relevant to our improv scene.

Who can contribute?
Anybody! To edit a page on the wiki, click the "Edit" link in the top right corner. To create a new page, click on any red link.

Alternately, you can type the title of a page you want to create into the search box and click "Go" -- if that page doesn't exist, the wiki will give you a link for creating it.

What an article's "Edit Button" looks like.
What an article's "Edit Button" looks like.

How do I edit a page?
Nearly every page has an 'Edit' button towards the top-right corner, next to the search bar. Click that, and it will take you to an editing form.

How do I make a new page?
Here is a quick video demonstration of how to do it. Basically, the easy way to do it is to take an existing page for a troupe, a show, or a performer -- like this troupe page, this show page, or this performer page -- as a starting point. Open up one of those pages, click "Edit", copy the text in its edit box, and ta-da! -- you can copy that into a new page, replace text as needed, and you're good to go.

I haven't used a wiki before! How do I make my page look pretty?
First off, don't worry about it. It's *incredibly* easy for the rest of us to make the content you add look pretty. But it's hard (as in "impossible") for the rest of us to magically know the things that *you* know about the Austin improv scene. So be bold, make mistakes, and trust that the rest of this community has your back.

But if you want to learn about wiki markup, this page gives a great summary. Also, the style guide can show you how to make your new page fit in with all the pages we've already got.

How do I show up in the <x> category?
We can use the performers category as an example. To ensure that your wiki page shows in in the Performers category, add the following code to your page: [[Category:Performers|x]], where "x" stands in for your last name. (Including your last name ensures you'll be put in proper alphabetical order.)

You can do the same thing with different category names to make a page show up in Techs, Directors, and so on.

How do I get my troupe to show up in the troupes category?
Somewhere in your troupe's page, add the tag: [[Category:Troupes]].

If your troupe begins with an article such as "the" or "a", you will want to tell the wiki what name to sort you under. For example, if you were adding a page for The Frank Mills, you could add: [[Category:Troupes|Frank Mills]].

(If the troupe is currently active, also add this: [[Category:Active]].)

How do I upload a picture?
Here is a quick video that explains how to do it.

This is the page for uploading images. Fortunately for us, all the AIC photographers we've contacted (Jon Bolden, Michael Yew, Steve Rogers, Roy Moore, Menelaos Prokos, Dave Alley, and Claudio Fox) are cool with your using their photos on the AIC wiki, so long as you do three things:

  • Credit them in the picture's description.
  • Link back to the original photoset if you can.
  • In the "licensing" dropdown, select "The copyright holder gave me permission to use this work only in AIC Wiki articles."

For an example of following these three rules, look at this photo.

(Also, Courtney Hopkin, Asaf Ronen and Kaci Beeler are cool with having their poster designs on the AIC Wiki, under those same conditions.)

I want both "Hideout Theatre" and "The Hideout Theatre" to link to the same information -- does this mean I need to make two copies of the Hideout page?
Fortunately, no. You would handle this with something called "redirects". In this case, we've created a page for The Hideout Theatre. Then we created a page called Hideout Theatre that only contains the following text:

#REDIRECT [[The Hideout Theatre]]

That means that all the Hideout Theatre page does is "redirect" to The Hideout Theatre.

I have a problem with the site! Who do I call?
Either Kevin Miller, Brad Hawkins, or Peter Rogers can probably handle your issue.

As site administrators, they can do things like delete files, protect pages (meaning nobody can edit them), and even grant other people admin privileges, should you be interested in that.