Kyle Sweeney

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A physical improviser/sketch comedian with a penchant for the absurb*

From his ColdTowne bio:

An avid improvisor, Kyle graduated from ColdTowne Conservatory in 2008 and since then has studied under a variety of the biggest names in improv (UCB, IO, Torch). Kyle performs regularly with the hit movie format in Movie Riot (Fridays at 7pm).


Always the class clown, Kyle made his way through university attaining both a B.S. in Professional Aviation and an MA in Speech-Theatre from the prestigious Louisiana Tech University. He moved to Austin in 2007 to pursue his career in comedy and filmmaking.

IRL (In Real Life)

Kyle is married to Julia Kirchen-Sweeney, and has two daughters Eva Marie Sweeney and Zoe Sweeney. They are a really cool family.

Outside of performing, Kyle manages to stay pretty busy working in post-production for a local commercial agency- as well as creating comedy shorts, commercials, and jokes in what little freetime he cultivates.