Local on the Eights

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Local on the Eights is a Hideout Student mainstage show that follows a small-town news team as the track down the day's toughest stories.

Promotional Blurb

The Hideout is going behind the news and on the air with Local on the Eights: Improvised Small-Town News From a Larger-Than-Life News Team! This completely improvised comedy follows a small-town news team as they track down the day’s toughest stories, whether it be a trapped family of squirrels or Mayor Pickle’s annual re-election archery tournament.

All their hard work comes together as the theater turns into their intimate news studio, complete with real cameras and a TV broadcast feed!

Will their hard work pay off with a satisfying newscast, or will everything go haywire on live TV? The only way to find out is to tune in.

Production notes

Local on the Eights is the first Hideout show to include a (simulated) Live TV news broadcast which constitutes the second half of the show. This is made possible through the combined work of Video Tech (or "Switcher") Daniel Ellsworth and Camerapeople Brad Geiger and Kay Krasin. During the second act of the show, the TV in the Hideout upstairs theater broadcasted the entire news broadcast, including intros, chevrons, and multiple camera angles.

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