Owen Egerton

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Owen Egerton

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Primary Theater ComedySportz
Years Active 1995-2012

Owen Egerton is an improv performer.


In addition to performing with ComedySportz from 1995-2012, Owen is a founding member of Master Pancake Theater (originally called Mr. Sinus Theater), a screenwriter and script doctor, and a popular Austin author. In 2012, Owen won the Austin Chronicle reader's poll for "Best Local Author/Poet". Owen also released an album of songs that he created using mostly preset rhythms from a Casio keyboard in 1998 called Big Thick Wooden Board. Owen also wrote the theme song for the popular Skinnies sketch, "Grotty". The lyrics of this bouncy little ditty go, "Grotty! Grotty! The boy who eats dead rats! Grotty! Grotty! Grotty don't eat that!" You can probably guess what the sketch is about.

Owen's books include: Marshall Hollenzer is Driving (2000), How Best to Avoid Dying (2007), The Book of Harold: The Illegitimate Son of God (2010), and Everyone Says That at the End of the World (2013).

Owen is also a regular cast member of The Pie and Ear Show.

He is happily married to Jodi Egerton, and they have two lovely children, and a third one they never seem to mention.