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SongRunner was the June 2015 student mainstage production at The Hideout Theatre.


SongRunner was a musical set in a dystopian, sci-fi future, in which rebellious, free-spirited 'runners' were pursued by government agents intent on reducing them to emotionless drones. The show drew on sci-fi works such as Blade Runner and V for Vendetta.

The show opened with an introductory video made by Kacey and Jordan.

The cast would go to the wings, save three cast members -- one to get suggestions, and two government 'regulators'.

First, the cast member would ask the audience for a favorite song lyric or line of poetry, hopefully something that had a profound emotional effect on them. The cast member would emotionally react to that suggestion, and then the regulators would 'blank' them, reducing them to a blank, emotionless state. The newly blanked character would drone, "SongRunner, when the lights come up," and the show would start from there.

It was a narrative show which spread its focus across a broad ensemble, ten to eleven performers per night. It ran 75-80 minutes, with a brief intermission. The 'runners' were dressed in retro-sci-fi "cyber-punk" styles, while the other characters wore neutral, beige ensembles.

Publicity Blurb

From the show announcement:

"A futuristic blade-runner/cyber-punk/cyborg/robot-styled MUSCAL. So... the best thing ever? Yes."



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