Story to the Death

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Story to the Death is a recurring student mainstage production at The Hideout Theatre. It first ran in August 2016, and had second run in February 2018.


Publicity Blurb

Life is short and you deserve only the best. The cast of Story to the Death begin five completely different improvised stories, only to have the audience slowly but surely kill off the ones that fail to thrill and/or intrigue. One amazing story will survive to its exciting conclusion in the second half of the show.

Every single element of Story To The Death is completely improvised based on audience suggestions. It might start the night with 1) a Western, 2) a Soap Opera, 3) a touching story of redemption, 4) an Action Movie and 5) a Mockumentary. By the end of the night, based on Audience Choices, the show will end up with a story that has compelling characters, hilarious “special effects” and an epic, climactic ending.

Production Teams

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Feb 2018



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