The Tastemakers

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The Tastemakers

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Years Active 2013-Present

The Tastemakers are a sketch troupe.


Press Blurb

Their press blurb for The 2014 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival:

Every now and then, seasoned comedians descend from almost every improv theater in town to bring you The Tastemakers! Also known as Bryan Roberts, Kyle Traughber, Ben Masten, and Quinn Buckner, Tastemakers shows offer a nerdy concoction of sketches involving video games, obscure pop culture references, and sexual inadequacy out the butt. Wanna see Mario never get laid because the Princess isn’t actually interested? Then play any Mario game, because we didn’t bother writing a sketch about that. But mama's got some good stuff here.

The Taskemakers generally start with a reality-based sketch that takes place in a fictional universe where we all live together as roommates. We then branch out into sketches that may or may not be affected by the first sketch (for example, Ben installs an alarm system that keeps our sketches from going blue). Members of the Tastemakers have won many awards over the years for comedy (improv, acting, sketch, etc.) and have performed all over the country. In fact, Quinn went to Canada to perform. You understand? He PERFORMED. In CANADA.