Bryan "Lubu" Roberts

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Bryan "Lubu" Roberts

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Primary Theater Various
Years Active 2004-Present

Bryan "Lubu" Roberts is an improv/sketch performer and director.


Bryan (also referred to as "Lubu") performs regularly at Coldtowne Theater and occasionally at Austin's other improv theaters. He was additionally a company member of Gnap! Theater Projects.

Bryan originally began working as a contributor to Gnap!'s No Shame Theater, regularly providing comedy sketches. Shortly afterward, he joined Gigglepants as a member of its inaugural cast and began performing shortform improv. In 2006, he began classes at Coldtowne Theater, eventually emerging as a member of its first graduating class of improvisers (along with Cody Dearing, Michael Williams, and Joel Keith). He was also a member of Look Cookie, Coldtowne's first student troupe, and is the only member of the Coldtowne Mainstage cast to appear in all five Mainstage revues. In 2009 and 2010, he directed Guilds of Steel, a show he created for Gnap!, to critical acclaim.

On December 1, 2007, a special "Maestro of Maestros" edition of the Hideout Theatre's popular Maestro show was performed, directed by Shana Merlin and Andy Crouch, and containing a cast of only previous Maestro winners. Bryan won the title, defeating Dav Wallace in the final round. He now waits for a worthy cast of challengers.

Bryan currently maintains the comedy website and performs as Ghetto Sketch Warlock. He additionally performs with The Tastemakers, Stool Pigeon, and BOSS.

The First Improv Show He Saw

A post from him about the first improv show he ever saw:

I was in the first one I ever saw. UIL competition at Bryan High School in 2000. Group Improv was an optional event(you signed up when you got there) and so me and a few other guys from my Speech Team went for it.

If that doesn't count, then it's got to be Ed32/Gorilla Theatre which I watched sometime in late 2003, when I was planning to audition for Ed32 (I was soon not able to). Good stuff, of course.



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