False Matters

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False Matters was a longform mainstage improv production with Gnap! Theater Projects based on the work of Philip K. Dick."


The show explores similar themes to those in Dick's works, including dystopian futures, shifting identities, questionable reality, and intrusive government. False Matters includes many tropes common in PKD stories, including interplanetary travel, time travel, drug use, intelligent robots, and omnipresent media.

False Matters was directed by Shannon McCormick and assistant-directed by Bryan "Lubu" Roberts. Courtney Hopkin created the costumes and poster for the show. Marc Majcher created a custom Flash interaction to randomly select the suggestion for the show.


The show originally played Salvage Vanguard Theater from May 20 to June 11, 2011 (and on August 24 and 25, 2012). After the original run, it lived on as an informal troupe composed of members of the original cast. Its first show outside Salvage Vanguard was as a part of the first Improvised Play Festival on July 2, 2011. Its second full run is on Fridays at The Institution Theater in October and November 2013.