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Got Your Back

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Years Active 2014-Present
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Got Your Back is an Austin comedy podcast featuring interviews with Austin comedians.


The first show released on 2/3/14, with an interview of Michael Jastroch.


In each show, hosts Cody Dearing and K.C. Harvey-Taylor interview a local comedian. Often times the special guest performs or teachers improv, sketch or stand-up comedy. Shows begin with an open interview of a guest, and then move to a second portion where the guest is asked a standard set of seven questions. Here are those seven questions copied from Cody Dearing's notes:

1. Do you have a favorite quote about [comedy, improv, writing, etc]?

2. Do you have a comedy pet peeve?

3. Was there an “ah-ha” moment where things clicked for you, and you felt like you gained some understanding of at least some part of (your specific comedic focus)?

4. How do you deal with having a bad show or if you feel you are in a slump?

5. What is your most memorable onstage moment (memorable for any reason)?

6. Have you recently watched any (movie, tv, stand up, play, live show, played a video game, read a book) that you really liked or that inspired you?

7. Who are some of your current favorite local performers? Why?

After the standard questions segment there is typically a "commercial break" that features a comedic audio sketch by a local sketch group (often Midnight Society). Each show ends with some music by a "lesser known" (often local) artist to build on the theme of local support and DYI artist empowerment.

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