Cody Dearing

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Cody Dearing

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Primary Theater ColdTowne Theater
Years Active 2006-2007, 2010-Present

Cody Dearing is an improv performer, teacher, and director.


Cody moved to Austin, TX in 2005 to attend film school at the University of Texas.

He was first introduced to the AIC when his sketch show "No Astronauts Allowed" played at The Hideout Theatre as part of the Lone Start Sketch festival. The show went on to win the "best of sketch" award.

Cody took classes and interned for ColdTowne Theater. He was a member of the first graduating class of ColdTowne, whose class group became known as JC'sBM.

Cody moved to Chicago in 2007 after attending the IO summer intensive. After completing IO's program, and also studying at Second City and the Annoyance, Cody returned to his home town of Euless, TX.

While living near Dallas, Cody began teaching and performing at the Dallas Comedy House. He taught levels 3 and above.

In 2010 Cody moved back to Austin, and began teaching, performing, and directing there. Specifically, Cody began teaching Level 4 (the Harold) at ColdTowne Theater.

In 2013 Cody became the Artistic Director as well as the Education Director for ColdTowne Theater. He oversees the operation of the training center, and creates the performance schedule for ColdTowne.

Throughout his life as a performer Cody has been involved in a number of shows in every aspect from performer, to director, to tech, to marketing...

Cody subbed in for Roy Janik as part of "Substitute Parallelogramophonograph" on 2/1/13.

A post from him about the first improv show he ever saw:

I saw Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth in 2002. I still remember laughing at the first scene.

They started with a world-news-type segment where they turned to a page of that day's paper and read a blurb from one of the stories. Then improvised a scene based off of it. Oliver Tull says to the Frank, "What is dat?"... Frank said, "My dog and my cat got fused together," and Oliver replied, "So when I said, 'What is dat?' I was right."



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