Awww, Shit!

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Awww, Shit!

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Years Active 2006

Awww, Shit! was an improv troupe.


The trio performed "persona-prov" as rappers who had taken an improv class and wanted to do a show.

They played beats on an onstage Yamaha DJX, using it to edit scenes or punctuate them with sound effects.

One example: a performer would precede a walk-on by saying, "I smell a WAAAAAAALK OOOOONNNN" and then using the Yamaha DJX to play record-scratching noises. (They would then walk into the scene and do something low-key like deliver a pizza.)


During the initial "King of the Hill" phase of The Cagematch, Awww, Shit! won a long run of matches, perhaps over two months.