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The Cagematch

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Run 2005-Present

The Cagematch (AKA Cage Match, Cagematch) is a competitive performance slot at ColdTowne Theater in which two to three improv troupes perform and the audience votes on their favorite. It runs at 10pm on Wednesday nights.


In its current incarnation, the Cagematch is a single-elimination bracket tournament. Eight to twelve 'teams' (troupes) play against each other, first in four preliminary matches featuring two to three teams, then in two-team matches, over the course of seven weeks. In each show, each scheduled team performs a twenty-minute set. The audience votes for their favorite performance, and the winning team advances to the next round or (in the last match) wins the championship. Occasionally, there is an exhibition match scheduled among the regular tournament. The winner of the exhibition match automatically gets a slot in the next tournament (provided they submit).

Each bracket tournament usually has an over-the-top subtitle, such as "Hog Wild" or "Trail of Terror." It is scheduled by the so-called "Cagematch Commissioner", a position which has been held by Chris Trew (2007-2008) and Michael Williams (2008-2012), Adam Trabka (August 2012 - April 2014), and which has been held by Nathan Sowell since April 2014.


The winners of _The Cagematch_ are recorded on a 2x4 mounted on the wall at ColdTowne Theater.
The winners of The Cagematch are recorded on a 2x4 mounted on the wall at ColdTowne Theater.

The Cagematch originated as an AIC-branded show at The Hideout Theatre in November of 2005. It moved to ColdTowne Theater in 2007. The AIC became largely inactive in 2009, and the Cagematch continued as a ColdTowne show.

In its tenure at the Hideout, and in the first months of its move to ColdTowne, the Cagematch was a "King of the Hill"-style contest, where the winner would always return to compete next week. The show returned to this format briefly in late 2010/early 2011.

The Cagematch used to run at 11pm on Fridays; before that, it ran at 8pm (and briefly 9pm) on Saturday nights.


This is a list of winners of the Cagematch.

The "King of the Hill" Years

The Tournament Years

At this point in 2010, the Cagematch reverted to a "King of the Hill" format with weekly winners. There are no records of the winners through this stretch.

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