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Array (formerly Arkay) is an improv troupe.


The troupe performs "The JTS Brown", a free-form, organic montage.


The troupe was originally named "Arkay" and was formed by Joshua Philips as a collaborative process between improvisers from multiple theaters to study the JTS Brown format with Craig Cackowski, Dave Buckman, and Cody Dearing.

They had a one-time run of Thursday shows in May 2013 at ColdTowne Theater with Cheap Date

Joshua Philips and Ashley Franks left to move to Chicago to pursue improv, and Arkay reorganized and renamed itself in order to continue performing in shows. The new team headlined The Threefer at The Hideout Theatre in July 2013 and was accepted into The 2013 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and continues to perform shows in the Austin improv scene.




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