The Threefer

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The Threefer

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Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Various
Cast Various
Run 2005-Present

The Threefer (AKA The Thursday Threefer; formerly Threefer Madness) is a performance slot at The Hideout Theatre.


The Threefer happens every Thursday at 8pm at The Hideout. As the name implies, it's a triple bill, with three improv acts. The first two slots are typically twenty-five to thirty minutes, and the third act is thirty to thirty-five minutes. The first two acts vary from week to week, but the third act is a headliner act -- each headliner gets a monthlong run of Threefer shows.

The acts are scheduled by Roy Janik, who puts out a call for applications every two months.


The Threefer originated as Threefer Madness, an Austin Improv Collective-branded show in 2005, with three different troupes every Friday night at 8pm for $10. Until mid-2006, its name was hyphenated: "Three-fer". The Threefer led into the Double Barrel at 10pm, which featured two experienced improv troupes playing longer sets.

Beginning in January 2009, The Hideout moved the Threefer to Thursday nights at 8pm and instituted a few changes. Ticket prices were reduced from $10 to $3 and each month featured a headlining troupe who would host the show. The Starter Kit was the first troupe to headline the Threefer in its new format.

Inflation eventually drove the ticket price up to $5.

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