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The Austin Improv Collective is a non-profit association of improvisers and improv venues based in Austin, Texas.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Austin Improv Collective is as follows:

The mission of the Austin Improv Collective is to promote improvisational theatre in Central Texas and develop sustainable performance, practice, management, and teaching skills for Austin's improvisational theatre community. We believe that improvisation is a vital and viable art form which provides unique and invaluable benefits to the individual and the community and we strive to raise awareness of improvisational theatre through performance, teaching, and community outreach.

Organizational Details

As of 2013 the AIC is functionally inactive, but past officers have included Andy Crouch, Chris Trew, Brad Temple, Matt Pollock, Wesley Bain, Kristin Firth and Mike McGill. The AIC has access to 501(c)(3) status via the Austin Creative Alliance as a sponsored project of theirs. This means that donations to the AIC are tax-deductible and can be matched by many employers.

After spirited discussion, the organization settled on a "kitchen-sink" logo. There were t-shirts.


The AIC began as the Austin Improv Co-op circa 2004, as a loose coalition of Austin improvisers. A name change was proposed at their 10/22/2005 meeting, and they quickly settled on "Austin Improv Collective".

In its early days the AIC organized shows, events and activities to facilitate more improv performance in Austin. Some long-running shows, such as The Cagematch and The Threefer started out life as AIC-produced and -branded shows. Other AIC shows included The Double Barrel, Thursday Night Awesome, and The Blank Show. The AIC also initiated regular Austin-improv events such as Same Year's Eve and The Austin Improv Potluck.

By about 2008, the individual theaters had taken on much of the show/event/activity organization, leaving the AIC largely inactive, but still an active part of The Austin Improv Potluck.