The 44-Hour Improv Marathon

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Publicity image for the 44-Hour Improv Marathon.
Publicity image for the 44-Hour Improv Marathon.

The 44-Hour Improv Marathon was the fifth annual Hideout Improv Marathon.


It was performed in 2013, starting Friday, June 21 and ending Sunday, June 23.

Core Players



Also, in between shows, Cat Drago performed, for the livestream, short interviews with people involved in the production.

Jay Funky

British improvisor Jay Funky was originally scheduled to play in the 44-Hour Marathon. Due to visa troubles, neither Funky nor his improv partner Chris Mead were able to come to the United States.

Michael Joplin stepped in as Jonathan's replacement in the core cast.

The Saturday 2am slot was originally scheduled for Project2, the science-fiction troupe that both Funky and Chris Mead are a part of.




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