Tech Nightmare

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Tech Nightmare

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Theater Various
Directed by
Cast Varies
Initial Run 6/3/12
Subsequent Run(s) 7/19/12, 9/27/12, 10/25/12, 12/13/12, 10/16/14

Tech Nightmare is an improv show in which the technical improvisors control the show with bold and often arbitrary sound and light choices.


This show is entirely controlled by the tech booth. The tech booth offers a variety of offers that the players must incorporate into their performance, including:

  • Forcing the players to find their light repeatedly, as the lighting changes.
  • Incorporating arbitrary sound effects.
  • Incorporating arbitrary music cues.

As the tech booth announces at the top of the show, if the players don't follow the tech cues to the technical improvisors' satisfaction, those players are "punished" -- for example, by having to collectively dance to a particularly awful pop song.


The show originated as the Sunday-2am slot of The 43-Hour Improv Marathon, with just the marathon's core players participating.

It was brought back many times as part of The Free Fringe, with performance dates on 7/19/12, 9/27/12, 10/25/12, and (for a special "Christmas Tech Nightmare") 12/13/12. It was part of The 44-Hour Improv Marathon and The 45-Hour Improv Marathon.

Lindsey McGowen was added as a permanent member of the tech team after her debut in The 45-Hour Improv Marathon.