Cortney DeAngelo

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Cortney DeAngelo

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Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre
Years Active 2011-Present

Cortney DeAngelo is an improv performer and technical improvisor.


A post from her about the first improv show she ever saw:

I was actually *in* the very first improv show I ever saw... Now, to be fair, the original Epic was partially scripted, but only to the point of: Here's a Start; and; Here's an End; and how you get there is your business. I'd never had to come up with things to say on the spot, or figure how to get the conversation where I needed it to go on the fly. I was completely in awe of the people who could do smoothly, like Andreas; and when I met Brad and Leng... things really took off. It was only after that, that I learned there was such a thing as "Improv Classes" and other shows that exist in this realm. Really, I got into this whole wonderful crazy fulfilling medium; entirely backwards. And I'm so glad I did.


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