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Fakespeare was a mainstage show at The Hideout Theatre. It was a slight variation on previous runs of Improvised Shakespeare.


Fakespeare included a scripted show run in July, in which Much Ado About Nothing and Macbeth were presented in repertory, and then an improvised run in August, which varied from the traditional "improvise a play" format of Improvised Shakespeare, instead borrowing elements from previous Hideout shows such as Process, Live Nude Improv, and Fandom. The same fifteen performers put on Much Ado About Nothing, Macbeth, and the improvised run.

Jordan T. Maxwell directed Macbeth. Andy Crouch directed Much Ado About Nothing and improvised run, and managed the overall production.


Much Ado About Nothing




Show Dates

Scripted Run

  • July 3 (Wednesday) - Much Ado preview at Shakespeare at Winedale
  • July 5 (Friday) - Macbeth
  • July 6 (Saturday) - Much Ado
  • July 7 (Sunday) - Macbeth
  • July 11 (Thursday) - Macbeth
  • July 12 (Friday) - Much Ado
  • July 13 (Saturday) - Macbeth
  • July 14 (Sunday) - Much Ado
  • July 18 (Friday) - Much Ado
  • July 19 (Saturday) - Macbeth
  • July 20 (Sunday) - Much Ado
  • July 21 (Saturday) - this was a semi-improvised show in which the cast riffed on both scripted productions.

Improvised Run

  • August 2 (Friday)
  • August 3 (Saturday)
  • August 9 (Friday)
  • August 10 (Saturday)
  • August 16 (Friday)
  • August 17 (Saturday)
  • August 23 (Friday)
  • August 24 (Saturday)
  • August 31 (Saturday at The 2013 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival)





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