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Brett Tribe

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Primary Theater Various
Years Active 2009-Present

Brett Tribe is a graduate of the ColdTowne Conservatory as well as Binghamton University's Theatre Arts program. He currently performs with Bad Boys Improv, The Intentions, and Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!. Cast in Fakespeare as Macbeth in "Macbeth" and Verges in "Much Ado About Nothing". Renowned for his Facebook antics. Has been referred to as 'the hardest working man in Austin Improv' but this title may no longer be accurate.


A post from him about the first improv show he ever saw:

Aside from obsessively watching Whose Line for about six months I think it was a short-form troupe in Binghamton at a New Year's event and I don't recall them being bad or good. They may have been from out of town cuz every time I saw the actual local team they were awful.

First in Austin was a Bat at the 40 hour marathon and then Tom Booker as Stool Pigeon. They were both good although the Bat is my least favorite format to perform, not watch/listen to. Other people are great at it.

Previous Projects


  • Most Improved Improviser ColdTowne Awards 2010
  • Best New Troupe Achatina! Achatina! 2010
  • Most Outstanding Troupe Bad Boys Coldtowne Awards 2011
  • Official nomination for B. Iden Payne award with Bad Boys 2012
  • Official nomination for B. Iden Payne award with Bad Boys 2013
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer 2013

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