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Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by
Assistant Director(s) Ryan Austin (2013)
Initial Run Apr-Jun 2007
Subsequent Run(s)
  • Sep/Oct 2010
  • May/Jun 2013
  • May/Jun 2014
This page refers to the competitive short-form improv show that's had several runs as a Hideout mainstage show. For the sports-themed short-form improv show that ran in a number of theaters from 1986 to 2012, see ComedySportz.

Theatresports is an improv-contest format from Keith Johnstone that has run repeatedly as a mainstage show at The Hideout Theatre.


Theatresports is an improv show in which two teams of improvisors challenge each other to a series of improv games, improvised scenes, and other, less classifiable feats.

A group of judges award points, set special 'judges' challenges', and cut short scenes that are boring.

2007 Run

The initial run of the show started 4/14/07 and ran through the end of June of that year. It was directed by Dav Wallace and Sean Hill.

2010 Run

The show was brought back as the Sep/Oct 2010 mainstage show, this time directed by Andy Crouch and Kareem Badr. This run initiated the show's practice of having local businesses sponsor individual teams.

For this one, teams were set at the start of the run, and those teams played together for the duration of the run.

Second Run Cast

2013 Run

The third run was directed by Roy Janik, with assistance from Ryan Austin.

In the 2013 run, the show opened with a 15-minute student bout, featuring two student teams captained by a member of the core cast. This was followed by an "exhibition match", featuring teams organized around some kind of theme. After an intermission, there was a "main event" bout, involving teams sponsored by local businesses and drawn from the show's cast. Each performance had a designated "snogger", or scenographer, who handled props, costumes, and scene-painting throughout the show.

The show runs in the downstairs theater.

Third Run Cast

List of Third Run Shows

Every week, Theatresports includes two guest stars, as well as a themed "exhibition match".

The schedule is as follows:

2014 Run

Theatresports came back as a Hideout mainstage show in May and June of 2014.

Fourth Run Cast

2017 Run

Cast of Theatresports 2017

Crew of Theatresports 2017





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