Lacy Alana

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Lacy Alana

Lacy Shawn Profile.jpg

Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre

Salvage Vanguard Theater

ZACH Theater
Years Active 2010-Present


Lacy completed levels 101-601 at the Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation. In her first year of improvising, Lacy also took all of the other classes offered by Merlin Works, including Improv Singing 101-301 and several "Improv Labs." Lacy has also taken classes at The Hideout Theatre, and has taken workshops with a wide variety of traveling instructors (Joe Bill, Patti Stiles, Susan Messing, Rachel Mason, Rafe Chase, David Razowsky, Stephen Kearin, Tim Orr etc.

Since starting to improvise, Lacy has been cast in mainstage shows at The Hideout Theatre (Strange Worlds, Kenjutsu, The International Improv Experience, and TheatreSports), Coldtowne Theater (Sci-Fi Saturdays), The Institution Theater (Only Three Will Survive) and with Gnap! Theater Projects (The Professor: Improv Inspired by Doctor Who). Lacy has played in The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, The Improvised Play Festival, Unscripted New York, and Improvaganza (in Hawaii). Lacy is an active member of RhinoDino, The Delightfuls and The Known Wizards, a Merlin Works teacher troupe.

Lacy currently teaches adult improv classes at Merlin Works and is the Special Needs Program Director at The Hideout Theatre.

Lacy directed the Fourth Run of TheatreSports at The Hideout Theatre with Ryan Austin, and regularly directs Maestro and The Fancy-Pants Mashup.






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