Jason Vines

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Jason Vines

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Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre
Years Active 2003-Present

Jason Vines is a versatile and bold Austin improviser.


Jason began studying improv at The Hideout Theatre in 2003 after attending a performance of Maestro and participating as an audience volunteer.

He founded Improv for Evil with Marc Majcher and Nadine Crouch.

In 2012 he had his directing debut with After School Improv.

Jason also works in film and is a special effects artist.

A post from him about the first improv show he ever saw:

I used to perform in solo and group improv for UIL competitions in high school. Things were a lot different back then. They would hand you a slip of paper with your "suggestion" on it and send you out in the hall for 5 minutes to come up with your "skit". I still have a 2nd place group improv trophy from 1992. It's now one of my most prized possessions.

The first live improv show I saw was a Maestro either in late 2005 or early 2006. I had read an article about the show in The Chronicle and thought "Hey, I used to do improv, this will be fun!" So, I took my date to the show and volunteered for a game of Twin Pillars and was immediately hooked. Andy was directing that night and mentioned that classes were starting the following Monday. I signed up for classes and haven't looked back since. I remember being particularly impressed with Roy, [Kareem Badr Kareem] and Erika May that night. I ended up running into Kareem and Roy at a White Ghost Shivers show a few days later and actually felt kinda starstruck.