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Ka-Baam!! (often written in all-caps: KA-BAAM!!) was a mainstage show at The Hideout Theatre.

It was based on the Golden Age of superhero comics.


Show Structure

An audience winner poses with the cast and the art.
After every performance, one lucky audience member would win the show's cover art.

The show would begin with origin stories for three different heroes, which were based on audience suggestions. Meanwhile, a comics artist (often Kristin Hogan) would draw the cover art for an adventure for those heroes. They would improvise a half-hour narrative superhero story based on that cover art, and one lucky audience member would receive the cover art as a prize.

Throughout the show, director Asaf Ronen served as the narrator, occasionally providing interstitials which introduced advertisements or responded to viewer mail.

Each hero and villain would cobble together a costume from the show's collection of capes, masks, and attachable felt decorative pieces.

Press Blurb

The press blurb for the show from the show's web site:

"Ka-Baam!! is every four-color fantasy writ large and on-the-spot by a cast of Austin's most heroic improv comedians. Every week audience suggestions will inspire the origins and adventures of three never-before-seen heroes in a comic book story that will never be seen again. The Golden Age will be reborn with the deadliest of villains, most ridiculous brawls and special guest comic book artists every week to capture the action in pencil and ink."


Steve Wacker (an improvisor who is now an editor with Marvel Comics) came up with the idea for Ka-Baam!! in New York City in 1998. Ronen performed in the show's four-year run there. Once he arrived in Austin, he mounted the show at The Hideout Theatre. Its first run, which was from 5/3/2008 to 7/5/2008, was sponsored by Austin Books and Comics (who provided free comics). Its second run was from 9/11/09 to 10/24/09, and included both Friday and Saturday shows.

Ka-Baam!! was part of The 2008 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival and The 40-Hour Improv Marathon.

2008 Cast

2009 Cast

Promotional photo of _Ka-Baam!!_.
A promotional photo of Ka-Baam!!, with ninjas.

Heroes & Villains

2008 Run

2009 Run

Guest Artists

Sample cover art from _Ka-Baam!!_.
Cover art from Ka-Baam!! by Andrew Augustine.

2008 Run

  • 5/3/08: Thomas Reidy
  • 5/10/08: Rob Osborne
  • 5/17/08: Thomas Reidy
  • 5/24/08: Kristin Hogan
  • 6/7/08: Lea Hernandez

2009 Run

  • 9/11/09: Kristin Hogan
  • 9/12/09: Kristin Hogan
  • 9/18/09: Angelica Brenner
  • 9/19/09: James Kersey
  • 9/25/09: Andrew Augustine (Dat Boi Drew)
  • 10/2/09: Robert Faires
  • 10/3/09: Martin Whitmore
  • 10/9/09: Robert Faires
  • 10/10/09: Matt Frank
  • 10/16/09: Chris Matteson
  • 10/17/09: Chris Matteson
  • 10/23/09: Joel Watson
  • 10/24/09: Joel Watson





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