Dubbed Indemnity

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Dubbed Indemnity

Dubbed Indemnity.jpg

Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Roy Janik
Cast Varied
Run Sep 2010-Sep 2011

Dubbed Indemnity was a shortform show at The Hideout Theater where improvisors dubbed a new soundtrack onto silenced film and television clips.

It was part of The Wheel.


Dubbed Indemnity featured a cast of six to eight improvisors. In a performance, the lights were brought down and a series of clips were played on the projector screen. The clips were muted, and the performers provided a new soundtrack.

It was a challenging format for performers. A common pitfall was to simply narrate what was going on onscreen. The best way to combat this was typically to pick some *arbitrary* thing for the scene to be about (say, trying to cook a hot dog), and sticking to that topic no matter what happened, interpreting anything that happened onscreen as part of that tack.


Dubbed Indemnity debuted as part of The Wheel in September of 2010. Unfortunately, the video production required for Dubbed Indemnity became untenable, and Roy Janik retired the format in September of 2011. A number of different one-off events happened in its monthly time slot until it was replaced by Maestro Raw in January 2012.

Since then, Dubbed Indemnity has shown up for occasional one-off performances in events like The 44-Hour Improv Marathon.




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