The Wheel

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The Wheel

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Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Varies
Cast Varies
Run Sep 2010-Present

The Wheel is the rotating set of Friday 8pm shows at The Hideout Theatre.


The Wheel was brought into the Hideout schedule in September 2010 as a replacement for The Double Barrel.

The Schedule

The Wheel rotates through the same four shows every month, with show number n happening on the nth Friday of the month. Sometimes this schedule is thrown off -- say, if SXSW is renting the theater on the 3rd Friday, then 2x4 and Maestro RAW get bumped forward a week. Occasionally, there's an empty "fifth Friday", which is then scheduled at the Hideout's discretion.

2010-2011 Schedule

In its original incarnation, the Wheel's schedule looked like this:

Weeks two through four were double-billed with The Lottery.

Early-2012 Schedule

In January 2012, the Wheel was revamped to look like this:

The Lottery was retired from the schedule. Pick Your Own Path went to a double bill, with two consecutive stories in that performance slot.

In place of The Lottery, The Hideout added a dedicated night for newer improvisors with Maestro RAW.

2012-2013 Schedule

In July 2012, The Narrative Improv Jam was retired and replaced with The TV Set.

2013-Present Schedule

In May 2013, The TV Set was retired and replaced with 2x4, a performance slot devoted to duos.

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