The Fancy-Pants Mashup

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The Fancy-Pants Mashup

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Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Lacy Shawn
Cast Varies
Run Oct 2010-Present

The Fancy-Pants Mashup is a shortform show featuring two-person scenes.

It is part of The Wheel.


Fancy Pants is a show that happens on the first Friday of every month at The Hideout Theatre. It was "lovingly borrowed (i.e., egregiously stolen)" from PROJECTproject in Toronto, Canada.

It currently is cast and directed by Jeffrey Chatman and Megan Venable.


17 - 21 improvisors are cast each month and put their names in a hat. The host/director draws out two names at a time and those players do whatever they want. It can be a scene/game or something they make up.


The show began under the direction of Jon Bolden. It has since passed to Jordan T. Maxwell, Ruby Willmann, Ryan Austin, Lacy Alana, Tyler Lane, and Ann Symmonds.




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