Clifton Highfield

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Clifton Highfield

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Primary Theater The Institution Theater
Years Active 2004-Present

Clifton Highfield is an improv performer, instructor, and director who works primarily with The Institution Theater.


Clifton Highfield has over 15 years of improv experience. His Austin improv experience includes performing in Danger! and Pulp Friction at The Institution Theater, and directing Townsville at Coldtowne Theater. Clifton was an understudy in the debut of original plays "How Cissy Grew" at the 'El Portal' in Los Angeles. He was Dewey in the original play "Bakers of Lakewood" at 'Space 55' in Phoenix. Clifton worked with 'Space 55' as the Technical Director of "The Unhappiness Plays", which debuted in Phoenix, and performed in New York City. His zombie impressions have been showcased in the feature film I Am Legend and the iPhone audio adventure game "Blindside". In a 2011 production of "Locked up Abroad", Clifton played Bobby the Gardener in a retelling of the Henry Hill story. He co-starred in the short film "Damsel" which premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival in 2012. Clifton currently produces media and stageworks in Austin, Texas.



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