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Theater ColdTowne Theater
Directed by
Cast Varies
Initial Run Dec 2011
Subsequent Run(s)
  • Feb 2012
  • Mar 2012

Townsville is a Close Quarters sketch comedy show created by Tim and Nicole McCracken. Tim & Nicole write, produce and act in the shows and cast additional roles and crew as needed for each script.


Townsville is a scripted version of the improv format Close Quarters. Each Townsville script takes place in a single location (typically a building or business) over a short period of time (typically under an hour) in the fictional Austin suburb of Townsville, Texas. Each script is titled after the location where the show takes place.


Tim & Nicole met in their improv troupe Nice Astronaut when she joined in late 2009. They both wanted to write a Close Quarters based improv show, but the rest of the improv troupe wasn't interested at the time, so they formed a separate group.


The name is intended to invoke a generic town that could be anywhere. Townsville, Texas is intended to be an amalgamation of Pflugerville and Budda, Texas. The usage of "town" in the name was accidental and is not intended to invoke the spelling of ColdTowne Theater or an association like Tim's former sketch group UpTowne.


MacDaddy's Bar & Grill

Townsville MacDaddy's Cast
The cast of MacDaddy's Bar & Grill - March 2012 Run at ColdTowne (incomplete)

Townsville's first script took place at a fictional sleazy small-town bar named "MacDaddy's" and was composed of 5 core sketches with 3 beats each and 3 transition sketches with 3 beats each (similar to what would be an 8x3 Harold).

Townsville MacDaddy's Poster
The poster for the March 2012 run of MacDaddy's at ColdTowne Theater

The show debuted at ColdTowne Theater in late December 2011 when Tim & Nicole paid to rent out ColdTowne Theater for 2 nights while the theater was dark for the holidays. "MacDaddy's" was then performed at the Frontera Short Fringe Festival in February 2012. Tim & Nicole had directed the show up to this point, but once they were given a March 2012 run at ColdTowne Theater on Saturday nights, they got Clifton Highfield to direct the show. The MacDaddy's script was performed a total of 7 times.

MacDaddy's Cast & Crew

Community Center

Townsville Community Center planning
Townsville second script in planning. Writing and organizing 8 sketches with 3 beats each and a total of 10 reoccurring characters is a complex process

Community Center will be the second installment of Townsville.


Townsville presents MacDaddy's Bar & Grill performed as part of the Hyde Park Theater Short Fringe Festival in February 2012.


Townsville was nominated for Best Sketch Show at the ColdTowne Theater Awards 2012.

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