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UpTowne was a ColdTowne Theater sketch comedy troupe.


The troupe was open to ColdTowne Sketch Class students and ColdTowne performers in general. UpTowne had an open door policy that ended up creating a rotating cast of writers and performers, but kept a relatively core group of producers and directors over its several year run: namely Brent Foshee, Leah Moss, Chris Baldenhoffer, and Emma Holder.

UpTowne initially had a single show once per month on the 3rd Thursdays at ColdTowne Theater. During the last year (2010), UpTowne would alternate Thursday night runs at 10pm with Midnight Society's sketch show every other month. Shows were typically themed and titled after the theme, such as "Science", "The Future", "Remote Control", and "Business, Business, Business".