Kayla Lane Freeman

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Kayla Lane Freeman


Primary Theater None
Years Active 2011-2013

Kayla Lane Freeman is an improv performer.


Kayla appeared in The 44-Hour Improv Marathon as a core cast member.

In 2013, she moved away to Chicago.

A post from her about the first improv show she ever saw:

My sister and I were in love with Whose Line when we were little kids. Then when I was a teenager, I performed in a yearly shortform show at my high school my junior and senior years. I'm pretty sure it was horrible and blue and stupid, but I had so much fun.

The first live improv show I *saw* was a Harold at UCB when I was interning in NYC in summer 2010. I thought it was really groovy and I liked all the organic group game stuff. It looked really fun, and I believed it was something I could learn to do and would enjoy. But I put it on my "someday" list.

Then, I came back to Austin a few months later. I went to a Pgraph show with my friend who had free tickets because she was taking an improv class. The show stuck in my mind because I'd never seen an improvised narrative, and I certainly had never seen any dramatic improv. It was their Eris format and Roy's character died or disappeared in space or something. I hate sci-fi, but I loved that show because it wasn't really about sci-fi at all; it was about people and feelings.



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