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Start Trekkin'

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Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by
Cast Various
Crew Various
Initial Run May 2004
Subsequent Run(s)
  • Apr-May 2005
  • Sep-Nov 2005
  • Sep-Nov 2007
  • Sep-Nov 2008
  • Nov-Dec 2010
  • Jan-Feb 2012

Start Trekkin' was an improvised longform narrative show inspired by the original Star Trek television series.


Start Trekkin' was originated by Lawrence Wolf in San Francisco around 2000. The show was very successful there, with a large number of performances and sci-fi-convention appearances.

Sean Hill saw the show in San Francisco, and decided to bring the format to Austin. In 2003, Richard Ross, a founding member of the original San Francisco show, taught a brief workshop in the format at The Hideout Theatre. A year later, Jay Michael and Troy Miller produced season one of Start Trekkin' there. (Note: the people involved in Start Trekkin' refer to their runs as "seasons".)

Subsequent seasons followed almost once per year. In early 2012, Start Trekkin' ran as half of The Sci-Fi Comedy Double Feature.

Season six ran at The Highball; all other seasons ran at The Hideout Theatre.

Mr. Ross would return in the summer of 2008 to teach a more in-depth workshop on Start Trekkin', establishing many tropes that are hallmarks of the format: fights with three exchanges in which the loser is called ahead of time; onstage transporter effects; and focusing on the relationships among the ship's crew.

Start Trekkin' has had several special performances outside of regular season runs. These include:

  • 11/10/09 Alamo Drafthouse (S. Lamar)
  • 02/10/10 Alamo Drafthouse (Ritz)

Season Dates

  • Season 1: May 15-29, 2004
  • Season 2: Apr-May 2005
  • Season 3: Sep-Nov 2005
  • Season 4: Sep-Nov 2007
  • Season 5: Sep-Nov 2008
  • Season 6: Nov 28 and Dec 5, 2010
  • Season 7: Jan-Feb 2012

Event Appearances

The season-two cast at the convention.
The season-two cast at the convention.

In August 2005, the season 2 Start Trekkin' cast was invited to perform at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. They performed twice in the convention's main hall to audiences of up to 1,000 people each.

Start Trekkin' performed at the Star Trek Premiere Party at the Bob Bullock State History Museum on May 8th, 2009.


David Lampe, Jay Michael and Troy Miller are the only improvisors to appear in all seven seasons of the show.

Season 1

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Season 2

Season 3

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Season 4

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Season 5

Season 6

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Season 7

Season 8





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