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Michael Brockman

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Primary Theater Various
Years Active 2005-Present

Michael Brockman is an improv musician and improv-singing teacher.


Michael started in musical improv somewhere around 2005 after seeing an article on the Austin improv scene in the Austin Chronicle followed shortly by an ad for an improv musician on Craigslist. See? Serendipity. He's taken a few acting improv classes but is considerably more comfortable hiding behind an instrument (or two). He has also co-taught improv singing with Merlin Works and the Hideout Theatre.

Note: all credits in Troupes and Shows are for improvised accompaniment, except those marked "(composer)", which are productions he instead wrote the music for.


A post from him about the first improv show he ever saw:

The first improv show I saw I was actually in. It was with GGG at LAFF some 3 or 4 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing and if I saw it on tape now I'd probably be yelling at myself through the screen. I do remember I felt that I'd overplayed, and so at my second show I made a point of hanging back. I got more criticism for that strategy than I did for my first show so I quickly abandoned that approach. It really wasn't until I'd amassed a little more knowledge about the process and the quirks and strengths of the ladies themselves that I began to get a bit comfortable.


Out-of-Town Troupes

Brockman has accompanied a number of visiting acts, and accompanied acts while on tour himself:

  • Delilah Dix (w/ Amy Albert)
  • Drum Machine (w/ Jill Bernard)
  • Lounge-a-saurus Rex (w/ Tom Reed)
  • The Mayfly (w/Todd Stashwick)
  • Three Falling (w/ Muli Shulman & Inbal Lori)



Local Festivals

Out-of-Town Festivals

  • Black Box Festival (Atlanta)
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Seattle Festival of Improv Theater (Seattle)
  • Twin Cities Improv Festival (Minneapolis)

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